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Cultivate Transparency

For us, quality coffee will always go hand-in-hand with taking care of those individuals and those resources involved in making this possible. Sharing our achievements and failures is a powerful tool to making a meaningful difference. We are dedicating this module to all the projects we work with, fighting old models and leaving behind new ones.

Learn why paying our coffee growers between 70% and 100% more than the national average price isn’t enough. Why reforestation of native plants and trees goes beyond our farm – it is crucial in other farms in the region as well. 

We’ll also talk about why small-scale farmers need to be protected, not manipulated. Because in reality, they hold the possibility of bettering the world’s ecosystem, the air, the soil, and ultimately the products we consume. 

We have the responsibility of innovating, educating, empowering, and collaborating with the guardians of a progressive and sustainable agricultural model. Here and around the world.

 Here’s how…


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